Please find attached the final report following the recent school inspection by Ofsted, 
which went very well. 
Please do read the report fully. We were very proud of the way the children 
expressed themselves with the inspection team and many positive comments were 
made about the articulate, motivated and enthusiastic learners at Lovelace. With an 
overall judgement of Good for teaching, four of the lessons observed were judged to 
be Outstanding, an increase on the previous inspection and something which we 
aim to increase again by the next inspection. The curriculum and resources at 
Lovelace also received high praise from the team, who saw great use being made of 
our fabulous grounds and resources such as the swimming pool and Dolly Lee 
Lodge, with innovative and creative lessons being taught across the school. 
The Ofsted inspectors agreed with our own self-evaluation and recognised all the 
good work that has taken place in recent years. As already stated, our Teaching was 
judged to be Good, Behaviour and Safety were judged as Good and Leadership and 
Management were judged to be good. Unfortunately because of the dip in results in 
2011 and there being insufficient time to prove sustained good progress since then, 
the area of Achievement was judged as requiring improvement; our prediction for 
results this summer will match or exceed the excellent results achieved in 2012, but 
unfortunately too late to affect the Ofsted judgement in April. When the next 
inspection takes place in 2-3 years’ time, the judgement will be good. 

The latest report following the most recent school inspection by Ofsted (April 2019) can be downloaded through the link on the left.


May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

We are delighted to send you a copy of our recent school inspection letter prepared by Ofsted following their short inspection visit at the end of April 2019. As you will be aware from the information previously sent out, a school judged to be good at its last inspection receives a short inspection approximately every four years. The purpose of the inspection is to determine whether the school continues to provide a good standard of education and whether safeguarding is effective. As such, the conclusion of the report is that:

  • Lovelace continues to be a good school
  • Safeguarding is effective

Given the relentless pace of change over the last four years such as: growing to three forms of entry, the building of twelve new classrooms, numerous government reforms involving more rigorous national testing, new assessment frameworks and a new National Curriculum; reducing school budgets and a locally difficult landscape for teacher recruitment, this represents a very strong outcome and achievement. Children, staff, governors and all those parents actively involved in school life have worked hard to raise achievement. We are proud of the children at Lovelace regarding the recognition in the report of their enthusiasm and keenness for learning. The inspectors were hugely impressed with the number of parents who completed the online survey so positively – thank you. By working in a strong partnership with you, we will enable all children to develop a thirst for learning, be safe and happy in school and achieve to the full. We hope you will join with us in congratulating your children and staff at the school on such a positive report.

We will not be resting on our laurels – as it says in the report all leaders in school work tirelessly in looking at ways to improve our school and the outcomes for children. As a result of the school’s self-evaluation, the two areas for improvement in the report had already been identified which means that early plans and actions are in place to develop these.

As we celebrate our 65th year, we will continue to develop our ‘Lovelace Way’ to be a happy, sustainable and outstanding school well into the future - building upon our strong, distinctive character as a large community school with a big heart. Our aim of ‘Learning Together, Succeeding Forever’ to develop successful learners who enjoy and achieve, confident individuals who lead safe and healthy lives and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution is central to this journey.

With a changing Ofsted framework again from September and a much greater focus on the wider curriculum, at Lovelace, we have made a great start and we look forward to many exciting opportunities in the next stage of our development!

Many thanks for your continued support


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