Below we have tried to list answers to some of the most common questions asked at the Office.

How do I...?

...Make payments online?

  • For school dinners - Visit Feeding Hungry Minds website
  • All other online payments are now made via SCOPAY for further details on this process click here.

...Apply for Free School Meals?

  • Applications can be made online via Kingston Website - click here

...Book appointments online when there are Parent/Teacher Evenings?

...Volunteer in school?

  • Thank you, we love having volunteers. Please speak to your child’s teacher or a member of the office staff. Anyone working with children will need DFBS clearance, but that can be arranged via the Office

 ...Support my child's education further at home?

  • Within this site we have numerous Curriculum Links that will provide helpful advice. However as a base starting point we would commend early nights during the week...Equally important is to read with your child every night and help them to learn to read and spell their phase words. Please support your child to complete their homework each week. Please speak to your child’s class teacher for more ideas. There is also a section relating to Maths support in our On Demand section.

...Apply for a place at Lovelace within the School Year

  • If your child is at another school within Kingston and your circumstances change such that you need to consider our school, please go to Kingston website for further information.

...Find out about School Photographs or Year Group Performance DVDs

  • At various points in the school year (see Calendar) a company will come into school to take photographs. Drafts will normally arrive home in your child's bag within a couple of weeks with an order form. For further information contact the Office.
  • Where "whole" Year Groups have staged performances, we will try to bring in a professional to film the event (subject to cost) and the ordering process will be added to the website on the Letters to Parents page. 

...Discuss a problem or a concern?

  • Please speak to your child’s class teacher first. Please speak with the class teacher on collection, as they will have minimal time for you at the start of the day as they need to get their classes in for registration. The class teacher will make a member of the Strategic Leadership Team aware of the situation. If you do not feel that this has resolved the situation please arrange to meet with a member of the Strategic Leadership Team. If you need to go further with your concern then please request to speak with the Headteacher. 
  • In relation to issues arising from Special Educational Needs - the process remains as above, although a member of the Inclusion team will also be made aware by the class teacher. 

...Organise for prescription medicine to be given to my child whilst at school?

We prefer parents to administer medicine themselves if at all possible. However, our first aid / welfare staff are able to administer medicines in exceptional circumstances and do so on a voluntary basis according to a strict procedure and following the Royal Borough of Kingston’s Administration of Medicine Policy:

  • We must see all prescribed medicines in the original container from the pharmacist that has the child’s name printed on it.
  • The medicine must be brought into school by the child’s parent/carer ideally with the dose prepared e.g. in a syringe
  • A signed permission form must be completed. (Download here)
  • Where medicine is prescribed in three doses this can be administered just before school, at the end of school and before bedtime so no administration in school is required. For four doses, we can administer between 12 and 1pm only

The school may decline to administer medication without giving a reason particularly where parents refuse to abide by the conditions above.

We are unable to administer ‘over the counter medicines’ like Calpol or similar unless this is part of a child’s healthcare plan.

If your child has an ongoing medical need e.g. asthma / eczema, please make an appointment to meet with your child’s classteacher via the school office.

...Look for Secondary Schools in the area?

Kingston have a listing for all their Secondary schools in the borough - click here

Preparing your child for secondary school

...Keep my child safe online?

See our page on E-Safety, where we are developing topics through links to Parent Info - Here you'll find a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line.

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone (link is external), which has been providing information and support to parents for a decade, and CEOP (link is external), the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command of the National Crime Agency.

Useful websites

Childnet - Be smart on the internet



A great storybook for you to use to introduce online behaviour is Digiduck..on Childnet (click on book below)