Learning at Home and Remote Learning

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic we have prepared a contingency plan for remote learning.

If a child is ill, we would not expect them to complete remote learning. With rest, they are more likely to have a speedy recovery and be able to return to school more quickly.

If they are self-isolating because of C19 symptoms, through coming into contact with a positive case or because of imposed quarantine following return from abroad these children would complete their class self-isolation learning packs alongside access to national online resources - namely Learning at Home.

Only when a class bubble, year group bubble, keystage bubble or whole school isolation comes into force do we move to Remote Learning.

For clarification - 

Learning at Home: as a result of a short term isolation or periods away from school because of C19 advice this is self-directed learning opportunities set on a weekly basis to complete at home

Remote Learning: learning opportunities set for children not able to access face-to-face learning due to self-isolation of a complete class bubble / year group / school because of Public Health England guidance.

All classes in KS1 and KS2 are already in a position to provide Remote Learning via Google Classroom. Reception and Nursery have a blog and Tapestry to maintain learning.

Isolation packs required for Learning at Home can be accessed via your child's Google Classroom.
Details on how to access Google Classroom are on our Gateway guide or at the bottom of this page.
Our contingency plan is set out out in the short video below - click on picture