SATs Revision Websites

We have created a brand new SATS Practice page - containing old papers with a difference - it is password access only as it has video answers and is paid content

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Alternatively if you haven't got password access to the link above - there is an alternative site

Click here for Maths past papers


Here are some websites our Year 6 pupils might find helpful with KS2 SAT's Revision!


The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions to help you prepare for the National Tests in English.


BBC BiteSize English


These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to help students with their revision.



Get your head around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Practise working out the mode, median and mean for a set of numbers. Take a look at time, mass and capacity. Investigate the properties of different shapes. Get your brain ticking with some mental maths questions.


BBC Bitesize Numeracy


Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Woodlands Junior School has several fun online interactive activities to help not only improve your mental maths skills, but also to help you with SATs Revision too!


And last - but not least..there is always Mathletics