At Lovelace the children are given opportunities to talk and listen in a wide variety of creative learning activities. They are encouraged to explore, develop and explain ideas; to discuss and plan stories, poems and reports; to share their observations and opinions and to report and present their work in front of their class and in assemblies. Children are encouraged to listen to each other as well as other adults and to respect, value and learn from opinions which are different from their own.

Our exciting curriculum provides our children with plenty of opportunities to become familiar with a wide variety of different text types. Our children have plenty of opportunities for creative story writing and performing and writing poetry.

Daily guided reading sessions ensure our children are able to read fluently and to talk confidently about what they have read. Reading at Lovelace is taught through a programme of systematic phonics which begins in the Foundation Stage and continues throughout Key Stage One and lower Key Stage Two. To foster an enthusiasm for reading, we regularly celebrate events such as book week and invite storytellers, authors and members of the community to read and work with our children. We promote an enthusiasm for reading with a colourful, well stocked school library and inviting book corners. We are committed to ensuring our children develop secure literacy skills during their time at Lovelace, equipping them for the next stage in their education.

Phonics At Lovelace

The colours and book bands can be found at http://www.readingchest.co.uk/book-bands 

At Lovelace we follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme. Click here to view our Parents Guide for Phonics.


Reading Schemes

At Lovelace all our books are colour banded by colours that are used by the main publishers. Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Rigby Star are just some examples of the publishers we use. We have a variety of publishers so that children experience a greater range of texts. Each of the colours corresponds to the oxford reading tree stages.