At Lovelace we guarantee that the curriculum provides a ‘Learning Journey’ that will:

  1. Be underpinned by aims, values and purpose in order to produce successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who can make their way in life: ‘Learning Together, Succeeding Forever’.
  2. Be a curriculum that develops the whole child and that stimulates and challenges every child in every lesson every day.
  3. Be broad, balanced and have a clear progression in subject knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills.
  4. Meet the needs and context of our children as learners (not 'one size fits all’) through reflective, effective and on-going assessment.
  5. Have the development of reading, writing, spoken language and maths at the heart of it.
  6. Be based on rich, first hand experiences using places, people and expertise beyond the classroom (e.g. visits, outside classroom, forest schools, authors, poets, artist in residence , special days and weeks, expertise of partner schools).
  7. Ensure learning projects end with a real, tangible product to provide a sense of purpose (e.g. showcase, DVD / film, exhibition, gallery, museum, Tudor banquet, assembly, writing a book, a consultation / survey, a protest & march, a play etc.)
  8. Use specialist teaching (e.g. Music , MFL, sport) and use specialist learning resources (e.g. Dolly Lee Lodge, ICT suite)
  9. Be an all-encompassing experience that includes: lessons, assemblies, wrap-around, after school clubs, residential visits, home learning, lunchtimes / play, opportunities to share learning between classes and key stages.
  10. Make ‘learning to learn’ skills explicit to children so children are able to reflect on their learning.
  11. Keep an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens and have a local, national and international dimension.
  12. Make meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and is responsive to the major issues of our time.


Learning Experiences

In March 2017 we launched our 101 Lovelace Learning Experiences ‘grow, explore, discover’ curriculum programme across the school. This is to help children articulate and explain their learning journey. Click on the thumbnail images below to see more details for Early Years / Years 1 and 2/ Years 3 and 4/ Years 5 and 6.