Parents and Friends Association  

The Lovelace PFA is a voluntary group of parents, carers, teachers and friends who work together to raise money for the children in our school, create memories and have fun together! We organise events such as the Christmas Fair, Easter trail, Krispy Kreme sales and much more.

All the money we raise as a charity is only possible due to the generosity of our volunteers who get involved by organising events, producing flyers, donating raffle prizes or volunteering on fair stalls. As a volunteer you can do as much or as little as you are able. The more the merrier, everyone is welcome.

Please join our Facebook page (link) so you can stay in touch.


You can also email us on if you would like to get involved.

Further information will be added to this page as we update the website.

PFA Committee

We have a formal committee, who are:

Co Chairs: Louise Pugh and Steph Archer

Vice Chair: Candi Tewkesbury

Treasurer: Joe Mastrocola

Committee Members:

Jaydee Homan

Bev Marr

Grey Tucker

Rachael Lawson

Sam Bruce

Rachel Wells

Chair- Lizzie Bruce

Vice Chair - Michelle Hall

Treasurer- Joe Mastrocola

Caretaker secretary- Candi Tewkesbury



Commitee members are-

Sam Bruce (  oh yes he’s in it! )

Ankur Patel

Steph Archer

Annie Attwater

Emilee Wilkinson