Year Groups

Each class at Lovelace is named after a tree and these trees have all been planted in the school grounds - see table below.

(See Lovelace Trees where  150+ trees are numbered and classified - click on Name of Tree to view a fact file - or Tree number link to see where Tree is on site) 

If you are looking for pictures relating to classes and events, these are now posted in newsletters every week and for bigger events in the Learning events section



Class Year group Tree No. English name
Apple Nursery (AM) 095 Bramleys Apple
Aspen Y3 104 Common Aspen
Beech  Y1 101 Copper Beech
Silver Birch Reception 102 Silver Birch
Cedar Y6 037 Blue Atlas Cedar
Cherry Y2 076 Winter Flowering Cherry 
Chestnut Reception 100 Red Horse Chestnut
Elder Y3 017 Elder
Elm Y1 003 Dodoens Elm
Hawthorn Y5 022 Hawthorn / May tree
Hazel Y2 75 Hazel
Juniper Y6 119 Rocky Mountain Juniper
Larch Y4 030 Japanese Larch
Lime Y2 054 Lime
Maple Y4 029 Cappadocian Maple
Oak Reception 103 English Oak
Pear Nursery (PM) 080 Common / Cultivated Pear
Pine Y5 107 Austrian or Black Pine
Poplar Y3 055 White Poplar
Rowan Y1 120 Hupeh Rowan
Sycamore Y6 028 Sycamore
Willow Pre school 105 Chinese Weeping Willow